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  One-Fourth 45L Gallery
  One-Fourth 45L
  Height/Weitghtness Tallness:390mm (distance from neck to heel)   Weitghtness:650g    Height:45cm(including head)
  Measurements   B:200mm   W:120mm   H:187mm     Shoe size:58mm
  Doll body  *One-Fourth 45L
  *You can change the body One-Fourth 45M
  Material  Skin: Silicone elastomer
 Bone: Metal parts/ tub/ special wire/ resin etc
  Skin colors  
  Beautiful White:equal to DD white
  Semi-white:equal to DD semi-white
  Normal yellow:equal to SD normal / OB(obitsu)white
  Normal:equal to DD normal
  Pink:equal to OB(obitsu)normal
  Soft red:equal to HT(hot toys) etc.colors
  Brown:equal to Kumik dark yellow
  Price  280 USD(Including:One-Fourth 45L、connector、brush、Manual)
  Finger moving  Add 50 USD
  Body make up    Add 50 USD
  Ship time  2 to 3 weeks