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AT Doll
SFD Protecion
Head Connect
SFD Make Up

                                          AT DOLL
   AT Doll start to study the methods of figure activities which is different from existing market,to search more freely,more vivid and more perfect figure dollfor you.

  AT Doll issued Seamless Figure Doll (SFD). Her perfect body line, true touching and exixting is what people pursuit.

  AT Doll possesses of advanced technology globally. The meterails are imported from many countries around theworld with high quality among similar products.


                                                SFD Protection
    Silicone body can be photoed under sunshine. Pls avoid saving under strong light
long period. Pls keep the basic body position for long-term preservation to avoid
a big crease fo skin caused.

  It is same like our bath to clean SFD. Usually toilet soap or hand cleaner can be OK.
Wet, wipe with soap or hand liquid, then wash clean. And dry, coat a bit of powder to
protect and smooth.(The powder can be baby powder)
   Pls pay attention when put on clothing. SFD are more suit for simple, generous and sexy outfits, like evening dress, fashion swimwear etc. which make them more glamorous. If putting on clothing with sleeves, doll hands need to make a fist, to avoid accidentally scatching her fingers. If you want to put her on stockings, you should turn over the stockings fist, then roll up to wear. Modified silicone body shall happen stainning phenomenon for a small numbers of elastic fiber. Pls make a test first for non-cotton clothing. Pls clean in time then coat with powder once stained. ItĄŻll disappear in several days. Any other question, pls feel free to contact us.


                                                Head Connect



                                                SFD Make Up
   Make up using silicone gel sprag on the body,and fully integrated with the body can be washed fully in water to clean,can not be damaged.